National Online Hockey League


Gm's must send lines and/or instructions in at least once a week.  If not, they will be fired.
Not sending in lines will be cause for termination.  To send lines, you have to edit
them with EHM, then save them. You are sending the lines save file. I won't take
written lines. They must be sent to .You must take care of
your farm lines as well. H&G Tactic is only allowed on one line and only on 3rd or
4th lines.

If a Gm can't take care of his team for a certain period (for a vacation for example),
he must post it on the boards.

When you are accepted as a GM and you do not register on the Message Board within 48 hours,
you will lose your team. When registering on the Message Board you must have your team
name in you Username.

Simulation Schedule

We will sim 7 EHM days per sim, and sim 4 times per week. The days will be posted
on the board, and once posted will not change unless there is an emergency that is
beyond my control.


Finances play a big role in EHM. Therefore every team must not be in the red at the
end of the season. A team that is in the red will NOT BE ABLE to sign Free Agents,
, other than the RESTRICTED FREE AGENTS that are on his team. They will also
not be able to ADD SALARY via Trades. A team in this situation to determine if it
is healthy for the franchise will be looked at in each trade.

We will have a salary cap. The cap will be 5% over the league average salary. Each
  season this number will be, rounded up to the nearest million and posted on the

Teams must be at or below the cap before the first REGULAR season game. During
the summer off months there will be no cap.

Teams that are in violation of the cap will have ONE CHANCE to get under the cap,
they must do that by the next simulation or players will be cut to make room.


Trading is an integral part of the game and must be honoured by all.

All Trades shall be allowed.

There will be no T.C.

EACH GM is responsible for the best interests of his own franchise.


UFA's and RFA's

Send all UFA bid's to
Staff offers must be posted on the board, and if an offer puts a team in violation of the staff cap,
OR the Staff rules, it will be removed and that team can no longer bid on that staff member.

Staff Rules

Each team must maintain a minimum pro staff of the following:
1 Head Coach
2 Assistant Coaches
1 Physio
2 Scouts

Each team MAY NOT GO OVER the following limits for pro team staff.
1 Head Coach
3 Assistant Coaches
2 Physio
5 Scouts

Farm team must maintain minimum's of
1 General Manager
1 Head Coach
2 Assistant Coaches
1 Physio

Farm team MAY NOT GO OVER the following limits for farm team staff.
1 General Manager
1 Head Coach
3 Assistant Coaches
2 Physio